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kariderm shea cosmetics

rebranding and packaging design for an ethical cosmetics brand

Kariderm creates ethically sourced, luxury shea butter products which put the shea butter cultivators at the heart of their business. Working as the lead designer I was responsible for creating the core brand and complete packaging range across multiple products from shampoo to face cream. The brief was to appeal to high end consumers, while referencing Burkina Faso where the Shea butter is grown.

Elements of pattern and colour were taken from photos of the women’s cooperative where the shea butter is sourced in Burkina Faso, to bring out the authenticity of the brand in a subtle way.


Kariderm prides themselves on working closely with the local community in Burkina Faso to help women through the provision of education, healthcare and a fair wage.


I was proud to be able to work with Kariderm to create their brand and launch their products.