innocent super smoothies campaign
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innocent super smoothies campaign

an international out of home campaign

Initially created for the Scandinavian market, I developed this campaign as the lead creative in collaboration with innocent’s local copywriters. The campaign was driven by the concept of an “ordentlig” smoothie, which roughly translates as a “proper smoothie”, in the same way that you might say a proper cuppa. The concept had to work in multiple Scandinavian markets and build on the previous year’s campaigns to be the most recognisable imagery possible. The campaign was so successful in Scandinavia, it was later used twice in the UK across out of home and ATL executions, both with the “a proper smoothie” headline, and later “smoothies, now with a boost”.

The initial visual concepts for this campaign were developed around the sentiment of “ordentlig” a swedish word which roughly translated means “proper”.

This was initially iterated in terms of preparedness, or ready for anything, but later developed into a world where the smoothies were built up from all the good stuff you find inside them.